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about us


about us

short story

The tremendous fun that comes with finding things that others have categorized as trash and transforming them into useful creations. Quite certain it isn't only for its part in the ecological/environmental wave. We believe it goes beyond that. Being placed in front of constant variables when the shapes and materials are imposed makes you feel clever and different. Hard to describe the feeling when a beautiful composition comes to life. Every design is necessarily unique.


Shorter Story

Happy to be making one of a kind lamps, creating a fine line between art and design

Have a look, pick the one you like.


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We exist out of…

  • concern for the well being of our planet and fellow citizens

  • respect for neighbours, manufacturers, and craftspeople

  • the challenge of making aesthetics rime with eco-conscience

  • the pleasure of mixing know-how with creativity

We take action by…

  • upcycling thrown-away fans, lamps and blinds    

  • Increasing the lifespan of manufactured materials

  • tapping into the potential of under-valued objects

  • designing ingenious one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures

We thrive thanks to your…

  • purchase of locally-sourced products

  • personal engagement in a global movement

  • helping hand in gathering upcyclable objects

  • eco-conscious commitment